Episode 9 – Tabletop Talks: Drew

Drew GMs the Pathfinder game that Danita and Meagan play in together, and somehow they suckered him into an interview. They pick his brain on the ins and outs of Roll20, trap-making philosophy, his green slime infatuation, and more. Don’t forget your inspiration!

Episode 8 – Skill Checks and Keeping it Real

Danita and Meagan discuss skill checks; the good, bad, and the ugly. Should average group skill checks be more of a thing? Should DMs put a harsher stop to waterfall checks? Aren’t you glad 5e D&D threw out untrained? Let us know what you think and hit us up! Don’t forget your inspiration!

Danita – Twitter: @lithelilyd or Reddit: @gutsyjane
Meagan – Twitter & Reddit: @meaganisanerd

Episode 7 – The Wolves of Welton with DM Meagan Newman

Meagan DM’s The Wolves of Welton with new and old players alike! Come join Bejorn, Linfire, Durz, Theldar, and Bebop as they on mysterious wolves for a suspicious sum of money.
Note: The campaign ends short because of real world commitments. Spoiler alert: Everyone wins.

Episode 6 – Meagan DMs a one shot!

It’s just as magical as it sounds. Danita and Meagan dissect her foray into DMing with a one-shot, trying to bring new people into the game, and what makes a good first session for a new player in D&Dd or Pathfinder. They also talk specifics about playing monks, rogues, and rangers. Don’t forget your inspiration!

Episode 5 – Where’s my virtual dragon?

Meagan and Danita talk augmented reality and virtual reality in tabletop role-playing games, methods they like for immersion in games, and their dreams when it comes to mixed reality and role playing in their favorite settings and campaigns. Don’t forget your inspiration!

Episode 4 – All we want to do is level!

This week Danita and Meagan talk over how long campaigns typically last and if their current campaign can go for the gold. After that, Meagan theorizes on what it’s like to play at higher levels and what kind of campaign stories might maximize higher level play. Also, Danita questions – if your party is full of characters who are generally the only bad-ass characters in the world, doesn’t that make them pretty much superheroes?

Episode 3 – Get on my level.

On this episode Danita and Meagan talk Meagan’s new finds One Shot Network podcast “Campaign” and Genesys RPG system. They also learn not to eat during recording. Brought to you from a different recording spot (but never again), this is D.M. Notes. Don’t forget your inspiration!

Episode 1 – You never feel bad for stealing the wheel.

In this episode, co-hosts Danita and Meagan begin their lawful good venture into talking about tabletop RPGs. Can Google Home be a good PC? Are elaborate critical successes and fails really worth doing? Is stealing really stealing? All that and more inside. Don’t forget your inspiration!